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For most residential applications, we recommend residential flooring contractors. Local contractors are listed below. In certain cases, we will consider residential projects and garages.

We have done and can do unique residential projects–for example, large multi-car garages, basements or demanding work space floors. If your project requires a professional budget, materials and team, then we may be able to help.

However, in most cases, residential solutions and contractors are the best fit. Residential solutions often include materials and tools available at large retailers like Lowes, Walmart or Home Depot. If this is more in your arena, then consider the following local contractors.

Local Residential Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

Here is a list of Bay Area contractors specializing in residential solutions.

Epoxy Garage Floor Installer Near Me, Local Search

HomeAdvisor also provides a list of local, residential contractors. Simply provide your location and they will help you find an epoxy garage floor contractor in your area.

Search epoxy garage floor installers on HomeAdvisor

Epoxy Flooring Consultations, Quotes and Bids for Unique Projects

If you have a unique residential project and you're in the market for an industrial solution - then we may be able to help. We're certified and qualified epoxy and floor coating contractor for all major brands, including Dur-A-Flex, BASF Chemicals, Key Resin Company and more.

Contact us for a consultation and free estimate.

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